Welcome to Patriot Nurse: Your Source for Holistic Health and Medical Preparedness

Patriot Nurse is your trusted resource for holistic health and medical preparedness. As a Registered Nurse and Master Herbalist, Patriot Nurse brings a wealth of expertise to empower you in your journey toward health and readiness.

Education and Medical Background:

Patriot Nurse is a highly qualified healthcare professional dedicated to holistic health and medical preparedness. With a Magna Cum Laude Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, her diverse background includes medical surgical nursing, high-risk labor and delivery, psychiatric care, natural childbirth, home health, emergency, and trauma. Her extensive knowledge base spans a wide range of healthcare disciplines.

Global Humanitarian Efforts and Education:

Driven by a passion for humanitarian work, Patriot Nurse has embarked on international medical missions to places like Trinidad and Indochina, providing crucial medical assistance to underserved communities. As an adjunct instructor at Roane State Community College of Nursing, she has shared her wealth of knowledge and experience with the next generation of healthcare professionals, leaving an indelible mark on her students.

Expertise in Disaster Medical Preparedness:

Patriot Nurse is renowned for her exceptional curriculum focused on Disaster Medical Preparedness. Tailored to benefit both laypersons and healthcare providers, her courses are highly regarded and embraced by individuals and communities alike.

Lifelong Dedication to Learning:

Patriot Nurse's commitment to medicine knows no bounds. Her educational journey encompasses a comprehensive range of medical modalities, including Western, Eastern, allopathic, and naturopathic approaches. She is constantly driven to expand her knowledge and expertise.

Through her holistic health approach and extensive medical background, Patriot Nurse empowers individuals and communities to embrace a life of wellness and preparedness.

Certifications and Achievements:

Patriot Nurse has achieved an impressive array of certifications and accomplishments, showcasing her commitment to various fields:

Allopathic "White Coat" Medical Certifications: Over her career, Patriot Nurse has gained many medical certifications, including BLS, ACLS, PALS, NRP, S.T.A.B.L.E., PHTLS, TNCC, ENPC, and ATCN.

Master Herbalist Certification: She has earned her certification as a Master Herbalist from the prestigious School of Natural Healing, founded by Dr. John Christopher in 1953. Additionally, Patriot Nurse holds a Master's Degree in Herbology from the same institution.

Firearms and Second Amendment Advocate: Beyond her medical pursuits, Patriot Nurse is a passionate advocate for the Second Amendment, women's self-defense, and family protection. She has received training from renowned firearms instructors, including Paul Gomez, Rob Pincus (I.C.E. Training), Kyle Armstrong, Craig Douglas (Southnarc), Paul Howe (CSAT), and Reid Henrichs (Valor Ridge).

Firearms Certifications and Association Memberships: Patriot Nurse holds memberships in NRA Life Member, Gun Owners of America - Lifetime Member, and Tennessee Firearms Association - Life Member. She is also a GLOCK Certified Armorer, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, and Glock Sport Shooting Foundation Lifetime Member.

Patriot Nurse is committed to providing you with valuable insights, knowledge, and resources to enhance your well-being and preparedness. Explore our offerings and join us in the pursuit of holistic health and medical readiness.


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